Nike ‘Year of the Rabbit’ releases.

Nike are dropping a China exclusive later this month with some clean sneaks in the form of the Tennis Classic and the Air force One Supreme.

“The Nike Chinese Zodiac New Year series started back to 2002 with the Air Force 1, celebrating the year of the horse. For 2011, the Year of the Rabbit Tennis Classic is the 10th design and the first tennis shoe adopted in the series.”

“The shoe will be available in two different colorways for men and wowen: Both pairs using the popular white to interpreting the rabbit, with added of red as a symbol of praying for good luck as well as the rabbit’s eye. Metallic gold is used on the men’s model to represent wealthy while metallic red is for the women’s model. Only available at select Nike Sportswear stores in Mainland China and Hong Kong.”

Tennis classic 2011 “Year of the Rabbit”

Nike Air Force One Supreme “Year of the Rabbit”

Via Kix-Files.

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